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About Denise Garth

Denise Garth, Senior VP of Strategic Marketing
Denise Garth is Chief Strategy Officer responsible for leading marketing, industry relations and innovation in support of Majesco’s client centric strategy, working closely with Majesco customers, partners and the industry.

Insurers Going for the Gold

I’m a big fan of the summer Olympics.  And despite some lingering difficulties caused by COVID, it’s great to see…
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Why the Embedded Insurance Recipe Will Work

I have curious grandchildren, a trait they definitely inherited from me. Whenever they get a cool new toy or technology…
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Multi and Digi-Channel Market Reach: The Power of Partner Ecosystems to the Nth Degree

To the max. As much as possible. To the utmost extreme. All of these define the term “Nth degree.” As…
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Mining for Digital: New Routes to Improve Insurance Customer Experience

Tunnels, once the greatest innovation in transportation, are poised to be the greatest once again through innovation and rethinking of…
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“Inventive Insurer” Mindset: The Need of the Hour for Property Insurers

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” The introduction from Charles Dickens’ “A Tale of…
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Majesco CloudInsurer® Plus Microsoft® Azure: A True Insurance SaaS Platform

“Form follows function” was a phrase coined in the realm of architecture. Its principal truth, though, resides in nearly every…
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Digital Engagement Pays Its Way

In today’s tangible goods markets, the pandemic produced some unintended supply chain volatility. GM, for example, is currently sitting on…
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Developing Digital Vision

Growing proficiency in digital will help insurers to engage and compete. Satisfaction (at least according to the Rolling Stones) is…
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The Drive for Digital

Last week, German shoppers at supermarket Rewe, in Cologne, began filling their carts and walking out of the store without…
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