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About Ben Moreland

Image of Moreland, part of the Majesco team
Ben Moreland is VP, Data Practice and he leads the strategy and direction of Majesco’s data and analytics products. He is also responsible for the client delivery of these solutions. He has spoken at many conferences and webinars, as well as written many articles and is a thought leader in the architecture and analytics space. Previously, Ben was a Senior Analyst with Celent, leading research efforts and publications across architecture, data mastery and policy administration research within the Insurance industry. Before Celent, he was Director of Enterprise Architecture at The Hartford, leading enterprise projects across data, SOA, BPM, rules and portal domains. Ben has over 15 years of experience within the Insurance industry and 30+ years of IT experience with a focus in Artificial Intelligence and analytics overall.

The Insurance Data Journey into the New Normal

Data is vital. Right now, in the middle of a pandemic, no one seems to be arguing that data isn’t…
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Get the Data Basics Right, Part 3: Analytics Infrastructure

Look under the hood of a car and complexity stares back at you. There are hoses, wires, clamps, fittings, bolts,…
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Get the Data Basics Right, Part 2: Data Infrastructure – Enterprise Data Warehouse

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been discussing “Getting the Data Basics Right.” In last week’s blog, we covered…
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Get the Data Basics Right, Part 1: People, Priorities and Processes

If you wanted to chart a course for “the perfect world” of insurance data collection and use, you would likely…
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Data Masters vs. Data Mastery: Removing Obstacles to Digital Insurance 2.0

What if you could know THE FUTURE? This used to be our industry’s “data” question. Predictability used to be the…
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Underwriting Data and Lessons from the PGA

One of the amazing things about where we are in the arc of data changing our lives is that analytic…
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Insurance Moneyball – Winning in a New Age of Insurance

Insurers have been masters of data for centuries. But the digital age has ushered in dramatic changes in the types…
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Data is the New Everything, Part 1

As proof that data is a commodity, some insurers are even beginning to sell or trade their data back to…
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Data’s Long-Term Advantage

How smart can insurance get? For insurers and technology partners, this is a fun question to ponder. Perhaps an even…
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